About & Legal

AVENTUM is an international gameserver and game related services provider.
Our servers are located in Frankfurt Germany, Melbourne Australia, Singapore, Florida and Massachusetts.

AVENTUM was the world's largest CS:GO Hack vs Hack provider in service from early 2017 up until 19th of January 2021.
At nearly 500k players we also reached the total top 5 of Counter Strike free-2-play servers.

At this moment we are operating a total bandwidth of 36 Gigabit/second from 4 continents on a total of 8 dedicated and 32 virtualized machines.
Our services have been free since day one and have been paid by us and our sponsors such as ev0lve.

The HVH server network AVENTUM shut down on 19th of january 2021 after about 4 years of service since early 2017.

The remaining services such as DayZ will remain live and maintained.

The HVH servers were relaunched as of October 22nd 2022.

For our legal information, please check here.